What are Biosolids?

Biosolids (sludge) are the stabilized and thickened organic products of the facility’s treatment process. While many people believe biosolids are waste, they are actually a valuable resource. Like animal manure, biosolids are part of the natural cycle of life. They contain nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium.

Utilizing Biosolids

Utilization of biosolids provides a natural, organic alternative to petroleum-based chemical fertilizers and eliminates the need to dispose of these materials at local landfills. We apply over 80 tons of biosolids rich with organic matter each year to farm fields. Organic matter is the ingredient that gives life to the soil and is the storehouse of food for crops.

About the Program

The Biosolids Management Program at the Town of Beloit ensures the safe agricultural re-use of the biosolids product. Land application rates are computed based on crop needs. The application rates fully comply with regulations set forth by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.