There are many government agencies and programs as well as non-profit and private companies who are in the business of providing alternative energy products. The Town of Beloit encourages each resident to do what they can to be as efficient as possible when it comes to their use of energy. Please use the information and links provided here to research what you can do to live more efficiently. In fact, production, materials and maintenance costs are currently to the point where most alternative energy options are not only better for the environment, but also cheaper. Deciding what’s right for you is the key.

logoRENEW Wisconsin continues to advance renewable energy policies for Wisconsin through advocacy, education, and collaborative initiatives. RENEW is at the policy and regulation table every day representing over 60 Business Members conducting renewable energy business in Wisconsin as well as over 300 individuals and other organizations who share our vision for Wisconsin. This organization is an amazing place to gather information as they have up-to-date knowledge on technology and initiatives and how they effect consumers within Wisconsin.

download (1)For information on the MANY programs available to residential and commercial properties and owners throughout Wisconsin, there is no greater resource than the Wisconsin State Energy Office. Their website contains dozens of links to incentive programs, loans, grants and much more. This is a great place to start and will be a focus of the Town’s attention in its search for financial support for future infrastructure projects.

downloadAs the Town’s primary provider of electrical service, Aliant Energy is a great resource locally for information about how you may be able to cut your own electrical bill. They have programs to assist you in Saving Energy & Money which could help you to take advantage and live more efficiently. With a powerplant located within the Town, Aliant Energy is a true community-based partner.

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Focus on Energy helps Wisconsin residents lower their energy consumption and costs by making their homes more energy efficient. Since 2001, Focus on Energy has provided incentives to over 2.7 million homeowners, helping them save over $202 million in energy costs and environmental benefits by making simple changes in their home.

These are only some of the organizations and programs which are available to residents and businesses. Please take time to research. A little time spent could equal a better environment and $$$$$ in your pocket!

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