The Citizens Academy is an educational program that asks citizens, business owners and employees, and community partners to learn about how our local government is organized. This includes learning about how services are funded and delivered in an interactive and fun atmosphere. The academy will run 9 consecutive weeks starting Wednesday, April 10th and ending Wednesday, June 12th with a graduation dinner. During this academy, you will learn about public services such as Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Public Works, Utilities, and Administration. Our goal is to create and strengthen a partnership with our community members. We can learn from each other to make the Town of Beloit an even greater place to live and work. Some topics that will be covered are:

Tour of all Town Facilities

Budget Preparation, Elections, Administration

Public Works and Sewer Utility Operations

Police Firearms and Use of Force

Drug & Crime Scene Investigation

Active Shooter & Rescue Task Force Training

Community Policing