It is important that the Town’s Staff and Elected Officials provide as much information as possible regarding the prospect of the Town incorporating into a Village. It is to that end that we will work hard to provide an update information as it is provided to us regarding this issue on this page and in our Electronic Incorporation Archive.

The Town has researched the prospect of incorporating several times over the past decades but has never come this far. With the changing politics and possibilities around us, incorporation will provide many benefits to the community.


Our Electronic Incorporation Archive now includes the completed Incorporation Application and Appendices, as well as the public hearing presentation given before the Incorporation Review Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our post on the main page of the Town website, as well as our Incorporation FAQs document in the Electronic Archive.


Here are some helpful links which will help to shed light on what shape this process has taken for other municipalities:

  • Wisconsin Department of Administration Municipal Boundary Review PageThis page contains several links from general information to past and present incorporation and annexations throughout the state.
  • Incorporation Process Flow Chart
  • Municipal Incorporation-Consolidation Summary as of July 2015This document details all incorporations within the State of Wisconsin (both successful and unsuccessful) and provides a link to the  “Determinations of the incorporation Review Board” documents for the most recent petitions.
  • “Town Hall” Meeting Presentation Powerpoint from Ian Haas and Stan RiffleThis is the presentation slides which were used during the Town Hall Meeting on incorporation on September 26, 2016 at the Turner School District Auditorium.
  • Trilogy Consulting has been contracted by the Board to produce a conceptual budget illustrating what the operational costs would be immediately following incorporation. This document and the assumptions used to generate it are provided below. It is important to note that this document was created based on the Town’s 2017 budget figures for both projected revenue and projected expenses, but does take into account the increased shared revenue payment from the Alliant Energy plant that would be realized through incorporation. This is a working document as operations of the Town as a whole continues. Changes in operations could change the calculations used to develop this budget. However, the basic assumptions about how costs would be shared will remain the same. As you will see in the documents below, the total allocated share of operating expenditures would be divided into 86.90% for the incorporated Village and 13.10% for the remnant Town. Debt service and costs for infrastructure improvements and equipment purchases would be paid for by the incorporated Village. These percentages are based on assessed value, equalization of tax rate and subsidy (sharing) of the increase in the Alliant Energy shared revenue. This is designed to ensure that we are able to continue operations in a way that is equitable and maintains similar property tax rates for everyone until the remnant Town can be re-absorbed into the incorporated Village. The Town Board and Staff have every intention of making this transition as seamless as possible for all residents and we stress that the entire incorporation prospect is primarily an administrative process and will not pose great changes to resident’s daily lives. This draft budget assumes that the Village and Town would ensure the provision of ALL services through joint departments (except for Court & Town Board) in the same manner as they are currently provided. This budget does not reflect the costs of individualized contracted services.
  • Draft Incorporation Budget & Assumptions
  • An effort has been underway for several months to craft a draft of an agreement for services between the area to be incorporated “Village” and the Remnant Town “Town” taking into consideration the most effective and efficient ways to continue to provide services to the larger community after the administrative process of incorporation is complete. It was determined that creating “Joint” departments through an intergovernmental agreement pursuant to the agreement below may be the most effective way to reach this goal.This document is meant to illustrate, in conjunction with the draft incorporation budget, how the incorporated Village and Town can continue to operate much the same as today while having the ability to reap the benefits of incorporation. Through this document all staff and services would remain largely unchanged. Departments, staff and contracted staff that can be shared, would be shared. Items of interest include:
    • All departments would be Joint through the Town and the Village;
    • All applicable staff members would become joint staff members of the Town and the Village;
    • Costs for the joint departments and staff would be executed pursuant to the assumptions contained in the draft incorporation budget;
    • All public facilities would be owned by both the Town and the Village through these Joint ventures;
    • Committees and Commissions would be joint between the Town and the Village;
    • Boards of the Town and the Village could meet in joint meetings;
    • Amendments to this agreement would have to be agreed upon by both the Town and Village. There would be no unilateral amendments by either municipality;
    • Termination of this agreement would only be possible if agreed upon by both municipalities or if requested specifically by the Town. The Village could not unilaterally terminate this agreement.

    This is a draft agreement, not necessarily the final product. Input is sought and appreciated. It is stated now, as it has been from the beginning, that the intent through this process is to do what is best for all of the citizens of the Town and to ensure that the community would stand strong together after incorporation.

  • Draft Intergovernmental Agreement Between Town and Village


What are the next steps?

The Town looks forward to working with the City on a mutually agreeable resolution to border agreements.

The public hearing before the Incorporation Review Board was 8/20/2018. Within 180 days (unless stated by parties attempting mediation), the Incorporation Review Board submits its findings on the s. 66.0207 standards to the court.

If the standards are not met, the Court dismisses the Petition or recommends that it be re-filed with different boundaries.

If the standards are met and the Court recommends that the petition be granted, then the Court grants the petition and orders that an incorporation referendum be held. There will then be a public notice of the referendum. Not less than 6 weeks from date of court order, the referendum will be held, and if a majority of the residents vote in favor then the territory becomes incorporated.


Proposed Village Name Survey

For information regarding the process and decision on the proposed village name (Village of Riverside), please review the linked tally sheets for the first and second survey.