images-11Building and Planning Services fall under the Town’s Community Development Department. This is where you can find all of the permits and information for building services, planning, zoning, opening a business, building a home or erecting a sign. It is very important that everyone in the Town who is starting a project contact the Community Development Department to determine what permits and inspections are required.

If planning a construction project, please contact the Community Development Director/Building Inspector, Tim Kienbaum by Cell at 608-728-3911 or by email at

Schedule an Inspection

All inspection requests can be made by calling the Community Development Director/Building Inspector Tim Kienbaum  by Cell at 608-728-3911 or by email at

Planning and Zoning Permits

All Planning & Zoning Permits are to be filed with their corresponding fees prior to any further action. In order to ensure speed and accuracy in the permitting process, it is important that all required materials are submitted with the applicable permit and permit fee. All permits are available at and should be submitted to Town Hall via the Town Clerk’s Office.

Town Zoning Map on Rock County Website

Site Plan/Plan of Operations

siteplan_3Required for any new business in the Town. If you are an existing business but are changing number of employees, times of operation, location of your business, etc, you will need to fill out the same form marked as an “amendment to plan of operations.”  The cost of the Plan of Operations/Site Plan is $200 minimum fee with an additional $0.05 per sq. ft.  If you are filling an amendment the fee is $100. The Plan Commission will require copies of the plan of operations and site plan (certified survey map) showing the locations of all buildings, parking, septic, well, dumpster, etc.  We will also need copies of a floor plan showing the interior layout of the business. All materials must be received in the Town Clerk’s office two (2) weeks before the Plan Commission meeting which is held every second Wednesday of the Month at 4:15 p.m.

Conditional Use Permit

scup_pic024aa196a1-05b9-456c-8109-def248cd26d1largerIf a Conditional Use permit is required for your business, you will need to submit an Application for a Conditional Use Form to the Plan Commission. The Town Clerk or Zoning Administrator/Planner can help you navigate this process and to determine if a Conditional Use Permit is required. The cost of Conditional Use Permit is $400 for new or $200 for an amendment to an existing permit. The Town will need copies of this application form, corresponding application fee and all supporting documents prior to the process moving forward. After all materials have been submitted, notices will be published and mailed for a public hearing and Plan Commission meeting per Wisconsin State Statutes. If the Plan Commission chooses to approve your application, your application will then be recommended to the Town Board. The Board has final approval over all Conditional Use Permits. The Plan Commission and/or Board may place conditions on your permitted use in order to ensure that all requirements of Town Code are adhered to and any potential nuisance may be avoided. This process can take as little as six (6) weeks if materials are submitted quickly and completely. All materials must be received in the Town Clerk’s office four (4) weeks before the Plan Commission meeting which is held every second Wednesday of the Month at 4:15 p.m. Once approved, any conditions of this permitted use must be met and the document will be recorded with the register of deeds.

Certified Survey Map (CSM) Review

The cost for the review and approval process for any land division is $150 plus $15 per lot.  You will need to submit copies of a CSM Review form as well as copies of a certified survey map and legal description of the property to the Plan Commission. The Plan Commission will send it’s recommendation to the Town Board. The Town Board has final approval on all CSM reviews. As a Town, CSM applications require Rock County approval and may need to submit application to the City of Beloit for an extraterritorial review per Wisconsin State Statutes if the property is within 1.5 miles of the Town’s border with the City of Beloit.


rezoning3If you would like to rezone your property, you will need to fill out an Application for Rezoning Form. The cost of application review for a Rezoning is $300. Return application along with copies of a certified survey and legal description of the property to be rezoned. You must first appear before the Plan Commission for recommendation to the Town Board.  The Town Board has final approval on all rezones. A rezone has to be approved by ordinance at the Board level. The entire process takes approximately one (1) month to complete. In certain situations rezoning a property may require a change to the Town’s Land Use Plan. In these cases, a separate application may be required. Please check with the Planning and Zoning Administrator prior to submittal of applications for verification:

Sign Permits

download-3If you need a sign for your new business we suggest that you apply for it at the time you apply for your Site Plan/Plan of Operations or Conditional Use Permits. The cost of a sign permit is $50 fee for residential or $150 plus $0.25 per sq. ft. for commercial signs. We will need copies of the completed application form along with a Site Plan showing the location of the sign and a drawing or picture showing the layout, color and size.

Board of Adjustment-Variance

A variance is requested when a property owner wants to do something to their property or structure(s) on that property that do not comply with the Zoning Code. A Board of Adjustment Application must be filled out and returned with all necessary paperwork. The cost is $250.00. The Board of Adjustment meets on a regular basis/as needed on the 1st Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. The Board must render a decision within 45 days of submittal of paperwork to the Town Clerk. However, it is the applicants responsibility to appear before the Board of Adjustment during the meeting where their item is on the agenda. Absence from this meeting will prompt the Board to Table the item until the next regularly scheduled meeting.