In order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens, the Town of Beloit outlines the following restrictions relating to burning.

Recreational burns
Recreational burns (camp fires) shall be limited to natural wood or natural products with the base of the fire not to exceed thirty six (36) inches in diameter, with the flames not exceeding thirty-six (36) inches in height and MUST be thirty feet (30’) from any structure. The burning of treated wood in any form, garbage, food products, paper products or cardboard, manure, plastic, and rubber is prohibited. All fires including the use of, but not limited to, fire pits, or free standing fire containers shall be no less than thirty (30) feet from any combustible material or structure. Free standing fire containers shall not be on any deck made of combustible materials that is adjacent or connected to any portion of any type of structure.

Seasonal Burns
Open burning of natural wood and leaves shall be allowed within the Town of Beloit during the months of April, October, and November of each year under the following restrictions:

  • Burning of dry products shall be limited to such items as natural wood and wood products and leaves
  • Burning may only occur between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
  • All burning MUST occur at least fifty feet (50’) away from all structures and combustible materials
  • Fires must be doused if they generate smoke that may obscure a public roadway, or in another way pose a threat to public safety
  • Adequate means of dousing the fire must be at hand during burning.

If you have any other questions regarding burning, please contact the station at 608-364-2997.

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