download-39Dog Licenses

Per State law, dog licenses must be obtained annually by March 31st. They are sold at the Beloit Town Hall. Owners are required to have the dog vaccinated against Rabies within a 30-day period after the dog reaches 4 months of age, and each dog 5 months old or older requires a dog license. Current fees are $15 for unaltered dog, and $10 for spayed or neutered dog. There is a $5 charge for duplicate licenses. No fee for service dog. Residential properties are allowed to have three dogs without having to apply for a kennel license. Please bring a vaccination certificate with you to purchase a dog license, and to avoid a $10 late fee. Please remember to license your dog by March 31st annually.

2021 Dog License Application

images1Alcohol & Tobacco Licenses

Alcohol and Tobacco Licenses are required in Wisconsin for any sale or service of products containing alcohol or tobacco. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) oversees the Alcohol and Tobacco License programs for the State of Wisconsin. For applications dealing with the sale of Alcohol, applicants are required to show proof of Wisconsin Residency (Operators/Bartenders are not required to be residents). Applications are available through and filed with the Town Clerk at 2445 S. Afton Road.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue requires the Town to provide the Wisconsin Alcoholic Beverage and Tobacco Laws for Retailers guide to all applicants for Class “A”, “B”, or “C” licenses.

imagesFood License

All businesses within the Town who serve and handle food are required to possess a food license. Food licenses are issued annually to all businesses with an application fee of $25. Applications are available through and filed with the Town Clerk at 2445 S. Afton Road.

download1Peddlers License
Door-to-Door sales and/or pop-up booth sales are prohibited without having first having been granted a Peddler/Solicitor’s License. Required for any door-to-door sales and transient merchants. Applications are available and filed through the Clerk’s Office at 2445 S. Afton Road.

Transient Merchant License Application

SDW_6679-X3Boat Launch License
Annual boat launch licenses for Armstrong Eddy Park and Reservation Park can be obtained by both Town of Beloit and non-residents. The cost of an annual license is $40 for Town of Beloit residents and $50 for non-residents.  The license is good from May 1st through September 30th of each year. Daily licenses for residents or non-residents are also available at the park for a fee of $6. You can pickup an annual license application in person or apply by mail at the Beloit Town Hall. A license will have to be purchased until you receive the annual license in the mail, if you mail in an application. Parks reservation forms can be obtained from the Parks & Events page.

images (1)Residential Rental Property Permits

The Town of Beloit no longer requires that single and multi-unit residential rental properties be registered as of October 19, 2020.   If you have any questions regarding residential rentals, please contact Code Enforcement at 608-751-5638.

Chapter 9.13 Residential Property Maintenance Code and Chapter 9.15 Residential Rental Property Program

Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter ATCP 134

images (2)Business License

A business license is required to operate any business or non-profit within the Town of Beloit. The Town Clerk issues business licenses to businesses on an annual basis. The cost for an application is $20. Applications are available and filed through the Clerk’s Office.

Building, Planning and Zoning Permits can be found under the “Developments & Projects” tab.


For a comprehensive list of all of the Town of Beloit fees please see the attached listFee Schedule