As we finally welcome spring into our area, the Town of Beloit Code Enforcement Department would like to remind its residents of a few ordinances we find being violated on a regular basis.

The following three ordinances are the most violated in the Town of Beloit:


1. Storage Restricted. No person in charge or control of any real property located within the territorial limits of the Town of Beloit, Rock County Wisconsin, whether as owner, tenant, occupant, lessee or otherwise, shall allow the parking, storage, or accumulation on such real property of any of the following:

a. Unlicensed automobiles, unlicensed trucks, unlicensed trailers, unlicensed buses, unlicensed motorcycles, unlicensed boats, unlicensed tractors or similar unlicensed vehicles, or any type of such vehicle that is disassembled, inoperable or wrecked.

b. Component parts of any motor vehicle, boat, trailer or similar vehicles.

c. Refrigerators, stoves, furnaces, washing machines or other household appliances or parts thereof.

d. Wood, brick, cement block or other construction material.

e. Unused farm machinery, farm implements or parts thereof, whether licensed or unlicensed.

f. Any other unsightly debris or junk of any nature whatsoever, such as may tend to depreciate property values in the area or create a nuisance or health hazard.


14. Number and Location of Vehicles Restricted.

a. No person shall park or permit any other person to park any motor vehicle or recreational vehicle, without limitation because of enumeration, boats, snowmobiles, travel trailers, cargo trailers, campers, all-terrain vehicles and motor homes, on the premises of a residentially zoned property unless they are stored in an enclosed building or on a hard- surfaced area as provided for below.

b. Any vehicle parked outdoors must be parked in the property’s side yard nearest the garage on a hard surface such as cement, asphalt, packed gravel, recycled asphalt product (RAP), etc. No vehicles are permitted to be parked in the front or rear yards of any home within a residential district unless they are parked on the designated driveway area. No vehicles may be parked upon any vegetated area at any time in any residentially zoned property.


7. Urban Area Address Signs. With County approval, buildings in urban areas which are served with public sewer and water and are at less than thirty-five feet (35’) from the edge of a public road right-of-way, may attach address numbers to the respective building. These address numbers shall:

a. Be placed above or immediately to the right of the main entrance door, or centrally above the attached garage door of the building for the address and road name assigned;

b. Be a minimum of four inches (4”) high and two and one-half inches (2-1/2”) wide;

c. Be made of material that is readily visible from the public road;

d. Be numerals, not alphabetical letters spelling the number; and

e. Be installed in clear view and unobstructed view from the roadway.

The Code Enforcement Dept. thanks you in advance for your cooperation!

Ryan Perkins

Code Enforcement Officer