Making the decision to plant trees on your property is wonderful. Caring for existing trees is equally important. Below are a few resources to ensure that you have the knowledge needed to make your trees flourish.

General Tree Planting & Care

logo-arbor-day-foundation-colorNine comprehensive tree care tips will take you step by step, from selecting and planting the right tree to the care and upkeep of a mature tree.

It is important to remember that proper tree care starts when you select a tree and that what you do to your tree in its first few years of life will affect its shape, strength, and even its life span. Following these steps will make sure tree gets on the correct foot and keep it healthy throughout its life.


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has many useful tips and information regarding the planting and care of trees native to Wisconsin. Visit their tree planting website. This site contains quite a bit of useful information which would give anyone a good base of knowledge in the subject, especially those issues which are native to Wisconsin.

Great information regarding the history and future of Urban Forestry.

Tree Placement and Height 

downloadA tree properly placed today can avoid problems tomorrow – especially where power lines are concerned. For more information from Alliant Energy as to how to plan, place and grow trees please visit their website.

Tree Issues

MGprogramLogoThe University of Wisconsin-Extension provides a lot of information regarding issues which you may encounter with your trees and/or plantings. These include invasive species and pests which are encountered in our area. To make sure your hard work and upkeep aren’t foiled by these problems, please stay informed and protect you trees and your investment.

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Information


EAB has been found in the Town of Beloit.  This is not unexpected, as the insect is known to be present throughout Rock County and southcentral/southeastern Wisconsin. Please follow the link to the State of Wisconsin EAB information page to learn more about identifying and eliminating this threat to our Town’s trees.