pd-watersafetyWelcome to the Town of Beloit Department Water Safety Patrol. The Water Safety Patrol was established in 2014 to promote boating safety through education and enforcement on the Rock River and in the Greater Beloit area.The purpose of this page is to provide information on the Water Safety Patrol, boating safety, boating education, and boating laws. This site will also provide up to date information on Slow No Wake postings and upcoming Rock River related events in the Beloit area.
About Us
A “water safety patrol unit” means a unit within an existing law enforcement agency or a separate municipal agency created by a municipality or by a number of municipalities riparian to a single body of water for the purpose of enforcing Sections 30.50 to 30.80, Wis. Stats., and any rules and ordinances enacted pursuant thereto.  The definition of municipality includes public inland lake protection and rehabilitation districts and lake sanitary districts, but does not include lake associations.
Our Mission 
  • To detect and investigate alleged boating law violations.
  • To enforce s. 30.50 to 30.80, Wis. Stat., and local ordinances written under s.30.77(3).
  • To be immediately available to perform search and rescue missions for individuals reasonably believed to be alive, in distress, and in a life threatening situation.
  • To work in conjunction with other local law enforcement agencies and fire departments for water related incidents.
  • To promote boater safety and boater education.


Up to 75% of the Water Safety Patrol program is funded annually by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources through grant money received by the United States Coast Guard.  This funding covers the cost of the watercraft, equipment, officer training, and operational costs including manpower, fuel, maintenance, repairs, etc.

Additional funding for start-up costs provided by The Town of Beloit Professional Police Officers Association and grant funding from the Alliant Energy Foundation.